We love how simple yet impactful this activity is, including a fine motor invitation to play Wild Dough, some creativity, some coloured sticks and safety scissors.⁠

Work with your child(ren) to roll the dough colours to create the rainbow. Once you have your rainbow, you can work on the clouds. Use counting sticks or flat-ended toothpicks in matching rainbow colours to practice fine motor skills, picking up the correct colour to push into the dough.

You can turn this into a learning activity for older children by bringing in books or resources about light from the sun and rain. Discover the spectrum of light and why rainbows show up when they do!

Wild Dough used:
Fairy Dust ☁️ Rudolph Red 🔴 Sunset Orange 🍊 Sunshine Lollipop ☀️ Lilypad Lime 💚 Pacific Blue 💧 Twilight Purple 💜 see below.
Activity Credit: @_simply_bea_

Wild Dough lovingly crafts playdough to spark imaginations by inspiring fun, creative play. It’s scented, non-toxic, super soft and is really long-lasting and handmade in Australia.

It was created by a mum for her own kids. So trust us when we tell you the secret of Wild Dough is that kids play with it longer, and therefore gives time back to mums. After all, what mum couldn't use some more time for themselves?