Cutting playdough is an excellent way for little people to learn the pressure and technique needed to cut through food - they'll work those fine motor skills, small hand and finger muscles and concentration skills.⁠⁠ You can have your child practice with a plastic or wood knife, and once comfortable, a children's knife. Once they have established the basic skills, you can challenge your child by asking them to create patterns and shapes.
Featuring a steak made with Cocoa Brown, pear made with Lilypad Lime, watermelon made with Rudolph Red and grapes made with Neon Purple!⁠⁠
Activity credit: @mommy_craftsandlaughs

Wild Dough lovingly crafts playdough to spark imaginations by inspiring fun, creative play. It’s scented, non-toxic, super soft and is really long-lasting and handmade in Australia.

It was created by a mum for her own kids. So trust us when we tell you the secret of Wild Dough is that kids play with it longer, and therefore gives time back to mums. After all, what mum couldn't use some more time for themselves?